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Trends in a worldwide education

  Technology, social networks, scientific advances… all of these have contributed to the world-changing at a dizzying pace in recent years. The way we communicate,...
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In the American education system, at what age should a child be enrolled in school?

Choosing a school for your children is not only a family priority but also a huge responsibility, especially in today’s uncertain times. The main concern...
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What are the differences between grades in an American educational system?

With more than 50 years of history and being a very prestigious educational system, there are often misconceptions and doubts about this rigorous educational methodology....
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Casvi International American School: historia de Tres Cantos

Casvi International American School: history of Tres Cantos

30 covers of Norte Tres Cantos show the recent history of this young and modern town, which for 30 years has welcomed entrepreneurs, families, businesses,...
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The value of musical education

Beyond transmitting knowledge, theories or innovative techniques, educating means moving the spirit, transmitting passion, and revolutionizing the soul. Nowadays it is very common to see...
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Casvi celebrates 100 days of school!

The day has finally arrived! Casvi International American School celebrates 100 days of school. 100 days of learning, lessons, laughter, love and fun times. At...
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Young people at the forefront of technology

News by Casvi | March edition available now! Online version Printable Doc. Newspaper library  
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Cupid returns in a different Valentine’s Day

This year Casvi International American School celebrates a different Valentine’s Day. No hugs, no kisses, and keeping a safe social distance. The sanitary circumstances mark again a celebration...
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Today begins the longest and most important celebration of the calendar for the Chinese society: the Chinese New Year, a holiday that lasts 15 days, and...
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